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Choose Your First Himalayan Trek


How to choose your first Himalayan trek ?

Are you a Nature lover ???? Have you always loved those lush green landscapes and those snow-clad mountains? Or do you have the zeal of adventure within you ? But are unsure about how to choose your first trek ? Worry not ! Let’s take a look to various deciding factors and facilitate you to decide your first trek.

Levels of trek

Easy treks : Trek with a maximum of  11000-12000ft. altitude and a walk of  5-6 kilometers with a gradually steeping mountain is considered to be an easy trek. Being a newbie, this type of trek is recommended not because your capability is underestimated but to give you a delightful experience and boost your confidence. Later you can level up with moderate trek.

Moderate treks : Treks with crossing terrains, tougher climatic conditions, long hours of  walk are the characteristics of moderate treks. Stamina with proper training is a prerequisite for this type of trek.

Hard treks : A trek of more than 7 days which demands not only physical strength but also mental preparedness. Treks above 15000ft. with steep ascends come under hard treks. Not only walking but other special skills are also required for these treks. Knowledge and experience in trekking are the only key for successful trekking experience in these treks.

Your Choice Matters !

What you like and what you want to see is the most crucial question. Some like to lush green grasslands while others love the mighty mountains. Some seek pleasure in climbing the summit and still other like the scenic valleys (or passes as we call them). Choose the kind which interests you !

When do you want to go ?

Choose the time of the year. There are six great seasons to trek in India. Of these, summer, monsoon, autumn and winter are the most popular. Out of these winter (October and November) is the most recommended season. Clear skies, crisp air, mesmeric views all wrapped in a beautiful gift of nature.


List of treks you must try :-

Here is the list of treks along with the season recommended. Choose your preferred trek and Say Yes to Himalayas !

January:       Chadar Trek, Kedarkantha, Dayara Bugyal, Brahmatal, Kuari Pass.

February:     Chadar Trek, Kuari Pass, Sandakphu, Kedarkantha.

March:           Kuari Pass, Har-Ki-Dun, Sandakphu, Dzongri Trek.

April:              Goechala, , Har-Ki-Dun,  Dzongri Trek, Sandakphu.

May:                 Roopkund, Har-Ki-Dun, Goechala, Rupin Pass.

June:               Roopkund, Hampta Pass, Rupin Pass, Stok kangri, Bhrigu lake.

July:                Kashmir Great Lakes, Valley of Flowers, Pin Parvati Pass, Hampta Pass, Bhrigu lake, Stok kangri.

August:           Kashmir Great Lakes,  Valley of Flowers, Hampta Pass, Bhrigu lake, Pin Parvati Pass.

September:  Kashmir Great Lakes, Roopkund, Rupin Pass, Goechala, Dzongri Trek.

October:         Roopkund, Goechala, Dzongri Trek , Rupin Pass.

November:    Kuari Pass, Sandakphu, Kedarkantha.

December:     Kuari Pass, Sandakphu,  Kedarkantha, Brahmatal, Dayara Bugyal.

About Author

*Studied Master of Computer Application(MCA) at University of Mumbai.
*Studied Basic / Advance / M.O.I Mountaineering Course at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.
*Studies Search And Rescue course at NIM ( Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering), Uttarkashi.
*Studies Basic Skiing Course at Jawahar institute of mountaineering and winter sports.

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