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I owe it to the Mountains !


I owe it to the Mountains !

Why do people go for treks ? Is it just to prove their might by conquering that mighty peak ? Or is it just to fritter away few days ? Isn’t it something deeper ? Don’t we learn something productive ? In my case, yes ! Mountains have taught me a lot ! It has taught me life lesson to be cherished for life….

The Fruits of your own Hard Work are the Sweetest

Climbing these gigantic yet graceful mountains is surely not a piece of cake. Rigorous training, coming out of our “comfort zones”, long walking hours, and thousands of such hard working conditions ! These are the precious investments for a priceless result. Once you are at the top of the summit, the breathtaking panorama, the starry sky and the immense satisfaction you get are all worth the efforts. So, You give your best, mountains make sure you get twice your hard work !

Excellence is the journey, Discipline is the vehicle

Some simple old school things like walking in discipline is also relearned while trekking. Vacations are usually regarded for leisure without strict schedules but trekking comes with proper routine of  sleeping and waking up at a particular time, taking care of health and food. This gives us an excellent and smooth journey.

Never lose Hope

“Life is full of ups and downs. Without the downs, ups have no meaning.” This beautiful life lesson is no better taught than mountains. In order to reach the pinnacle you need to go through many rough times. The road might be wobbly, the climate might push you down, but you should never lose hope. Be positive, be determined and keep moving. After all, “Through falling you realize that you have the strength to get up and through bruising you realize you have the power to be healed.”

Be Humble

Do you know who is the most important person in the whole trek ? Yes ! He is the porter or sherpa(as we locally call them) They are the one who take all our utensils, tents, etc. on their back and climb with the same speed as ours. Being humble and respecting their efforts is the least we can do for them. The mountain does not care whether you are a CEO of an MNC or a local sherpa. After walking for sometime in nature you lose your identity and become one with the mountains.

Stop. See Within. Rejuvenate

Stressed with the hustle bustle of the city life ? Over-burdened with work ? Lost the core of your life ? Stop. Mother Nature ‘s love, care and calm will help you find yourself. It will help you realize your inner identity. These mountains have some magical powers which transform you not to be someone else but to be yourself again. Now lead your life with this rejuvenated energy !

Along with these life changing lessons some more important lessons I learned were Mountain Manners – Cleanliness, Minimal Noise, Retaining the flora and fauna and many more.

About Author

*Studied Master of Computer Application(MCA) at University of Mumbai.
*Studied Basic / Advance / M.O.I Mountaineering Course at Himalayan Mountaineering Institute.
*Studies Search And Rescue course at NIM ( Nehru Institute Of Mountaineering), Uttarkashi.
*Studies Basic Skiing Course at Jawahar institute of mountaineering and winter sports.

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