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Does money really matter once you decide to move on? May be not for the travel fanatics, but budget constraints do matter to those who know the value of every penny earned at the cost of dreams and comfort. And if I talk about trekking then expensive trekking tour packages slaughter our flickering desire at the buds.

But wait for while! Say Yes To Himalayas brings an array of priceless trekking options which can be explored within the budget range of 8-15k. From the very basic grade to the challenging ones every level falls under this category and the budget can be customized if the trip is carried out in group. Without compromising on the level of comfort the trekkers can witness some of the unsurpassed mountain views and sense a different thrilling feel that any trekker would like to experience in a high altitude trek. Let’s explore the best budget treks in Indiavirtually before you choose your pick.

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