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Safety Is Our First Priority

Himalaya is always full of surprises, sometimes not pleasant ones. In harsh climatic conditions, health issues, risky peaks etc. Safety will always be our top priority. Proper safety equipment's like sturdy tents, climbing ropes, stretchers, first aid kits, oxygen cylinders etc. are always available during the trek. Trekkers are expected to abide by the rules prescribed by the trek leaders for safety purposes.

Leave No Trace

Leave no trace policy refers to collecting all the garbage traces we have generated during the trek and disposing them off properly. By applying Go Green ! Keep Clean methods we maintain the beauty of nature and pass the legacy to future generations intact.

Experienced Trek Leaders and Team
Certified trek leaders in basic and advanced mountaineering course are recruited who know the complete how-about of the climate, route, safety norms, health constrains etc. Trustworthy and hard working leaders accompany you throughout the trek. Skillful, experienced team of helpers, cooks, Sherpas, and leaders will ensure a happy and a safe journey.
We consider ourselves responsible for the upkeep of the nature  and also  the locals. Toward minimal impact trekking and sustainable development we reiterate “Live Green, Trek Green”.  We try to organise our treks as green as possible within our capabilities and stand in harmony with the nature and symbiotic with the local economy.
Personalized Attention

Fleeing from one havoc, pushing you into another is NOT what we aim at. Smaller group size and personalized attention is our motto with not more than 8-10 members per trek. This will give a pleasant trekking experience.

Best In Class Food Service & Equipment

Hygienic and healthy food prepared by our own cooks is served during the trek. Vegetarian, Jain and egg meals are available. Comfortable accommodation in guesthouse or homestay at the base camp and tents on twin sharing basis during the trek are guaranteed. Transportation from the pick up point to the last drop out is arranged by us.

Innovation In Trekking

Our treks are much more than simply climbing the mountain.  New techniques, new routes, new learnings, new bonds might innovate you as a person. Interesting treks like digital detox, dog friendly, culture treks, homestay treks are one of its kind.


Best experiences at reasonable prices is a key factor we aim at. We have a range of pocket friendly treks with maintained high quality. All treks are inclusive of food, transport, and accommodation which makes it very affordable. Discounts and deals are a highlight of our company.


We courageously take the accountability to maintain the environmental balance and the nature’s beauty. We see the mother nature as a giver of the picturesque beauty and believe that we are too miniscule to snatch it from her. We take the responsibility to keep the environment clean.  We also owe it to the locals and should be equally grateful to them. We seek every conceivable way in which we can support the locals by recruiting them on work to help them financially.

Our Goal

At Say Yes!! To Himalayas we are mad about adventure. With our personal experience we found that local knowledge and expertise remain beyond the reach of an experienced traveller too. Thus we aim at creating a unique platform where the global adventure seekers are put in touch with the locals. The local culture, cuisine, lifestyle is enhanced and they are thus uplifted. We also aim at handing over the art of trekking and the love for nature to the coming generations and that is possible only when we keep the environment clean. We also wish to breed the generic, long lost wanderer within us which is lost in the civilized world of ours.



Mumbai Head Office:

501 / A Wing, Parkland-I, Raheja Estate, Kulupwadi Road, Borivali (E) Mumbai - 400066
Phone No:    (+91) 7977308915 /  (+91) 9619377644
Email ID:  contact@sayyestohimalayas.com


Manali (Kalath) Branch Office:

Near PNB, V.P.O - Kalath, Tehsil - Manali, Distt - Kullu, H.P Pin -175131
Phone No:    (+91) 9816084486
Email ID:     letshimalaya@gmail.com





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